Hello, my name is Rindor Golverdingen. Rindor Golverdingen, Creative Director at Vruchtvlees


Co-founder and creative director at Vruchtvlees. He founded the agency with Michael Danker and Roman Stikkelorum in 2007, after realising that graphic design could play a important role in the digital world. Rooted in the tradition of Dutch Design, Vruchtvlees finds the balance between high-quality design and smart digital code.

As creative director Rindor focuses on bringing about positive change in the worlds of our clients. He encourages brands to dive deep in order to set ambitious goals while embracing groundbreaking design. Working closely with the creative team, he builds strong brands (whether it’s a small start-up or international market player) and develops meaningful (digital) products and identities. The goal of every project is to bring about positive change, in some form or another. β€œSeeing our clients realise their dreams with our help is the greatest satisfaction.

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